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This's suggestion or Q&A box.




I haven’t much to say on this time but do you have twitter account, so I can follow your latest blog entries.

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I would like to work for you in exchange for room and board. I am in Thailand at the moment studying massage. Are you looking for workers right now? If so let me know and I will tell you more about myself!confused smile
take care,

#17 By olivia ( on 2008-09-12 12:50

Hi! Your farm sounds magnificent. My partner and I are very interested in working for you. We were so excited to find a place that shared our passion for simple living. We would love to work very hard for you to help your cause.
We will be in Thailand from December to April. Please let us know when would be a good time for use to come and work for you.
Thank you

#16 By Alexandria Marohn ( on 2008-09-06 12:17

Hi! I am so happy to have found your farm! My partner and I have been waiting to find a place that shares our desire for simple living. We would love to come and work on your farm as wwoofers. We will be in Thailand from December 2008 to April 2009 and would be available to work at any time.
We would love to work very hard for you to help further your cause.
We can't wait to hear from you

#15 By Alexandria Marohn ( on 2008-09-06 12:14

Hi! I am so excited to have found out about your farm! My partner and I have been looking for a place that shares our passion for simple living. We are completely devoted to working for a cause such as yours.
We will be in Thailand from this December 2008 to April 2009 and would love to work for you at any point in that time.
Eagerly awaiting your response

#14 By Alexandria Marohn ( on 2008-09-06 12:09

Hello! We will be in Thailand from the end of December till the end of March and would love to visit and work with you. Seeing your alternative lifestyles brought a huge smile to my face. Both Brian and I have gardening experience and are hard workers. Also for the past 6 months I've been studying Thai yoga massage. We're looking to stay 3-5 weeks, when would be the best time to visit?


#13 By Melady and Brian ( on 2008-09-02 01:22

Dear Wat and Chabaa,

my name is Alexander, I'm 28 years old and studying philosophy and literature. As I read about your farm I felt very happy to have found a place and people, where I can probably find, for what I'm looking now for so long. I live in Germany, a wealthy country with wealthy peole and so much good things, but nevertheless I'm missing something I don't know. I know it's not about money and propety, more about sense and entireness, but I feel stuck with those thoughts.
I would really appreciate to spend some weeks with you in the nature and hopefully get a little perspective and insight. I've no experience with Wwoofing, but I've basic mechanical skills, like to work outside and I like people. If that's fine for you I would be thankful for coming to your place. I'll be in Thailand from 21st of August to the end of September and I would like, it that's OK for you, to spend the first 3 weeks at your place.

My mail address is:

All the best


#11 By Alexander ( on 2008-05-27 18:32

My email is

#10 By ( on 2008-04-18 02:45

Hi !

I hope you're fine. My name is Valerie, and I live in Quebec, the french part of Canada. I'm twenty years old and in three weeks, I will go in Southeast Asia for my first trip outside North America. Before going in Thailand, I will visit Vietnam, Cambodge and Laos.

I don't know exactly when I will be in Thailand, but it will probably be in July.

I'm studying anthropology and I worked with kids for four summers.

Thank you for reading my message, and have a nice day!

Valerie Laflamme-Caron
Quebec, Canada

#9 By ( on 2008-04-18 02:44


We organize ESL Wilderness Programs for Benchamatheputhit school in Phetchaburi and also Students in hua hin in Dec-Feb. We are 6 environmental educators. We work with park guides in Kaengkrachan national park. For 2008/9 we would love to have somewhere to camp/stay between programs where we can contribute to sustainable practices etc. We can pay and contribute.
I can send more information about us/our programs.
We love your website and your philosphy,

David Krieger

#8 By david krieger ( on 2008-04-17 12:11

My wife Akane and I would like to do some WWOOFing on your farm. We will be in Thailand from April 2nd--April 27th. Would it be possible to do a WWOOF stay for about 2 weeks sometime in April?

Thank you for your time,
Brian and Akane Clifton

#7 By brian ( on 2008-03-24 20:36

hi there how are you!

im coming to the Hua hin area in a couple of weeks and would really like to
come and wwoof at your farm!

Ive wwoofed a few times over the last
few years in europe and india,
i dont have a particular
skill to bring but will work hard
and always be happy :o)

Please tell me if its possible to come and wwoof!

Many thanks

susie x

#6 By susie ( on 2008-03-21 11:43

#4 By Jennifer White ( on 2008-03-12 01:18

Sawaat di. I am very interested in your farm. I am very friendly, hard-working, and have some farm experience. I have been looking for a place like yours for a long time. I recently decided to move to Thailand for a while, and I would really enjoy staying with you. Please let me know when I could come.
Khawp khun.

#3 By Jennifer White ( on 2008-03-08 03:24

#2 By ( on 2008-03-08 01:41

i would like to wwooff with you. when can i come?

#1 By anna ( on 2008-03-08 01:41